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Instead of reclaiming the E-Rotic name, owned by Brandes, Leigh and Smith decided to form their own group under the new name . Appeal. Their first single "Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi" was presented in the Disco Club "Fun" in München , Germany in 1996. The single was a hit, popular around Europe. It was song #18 in the Austrian charts for 10 weeks. Soon Smith left the band to join the group Magic Affair . Months later the singer-entertainer Gino Gillian joined the group in 1997 and they released the second single, "Life Goes Up, Life Goes Down", produced by Leigh with her brother Thijs Hegemann.

I'm finna get her off, high Hydro
Bump a crown from mista porch
Hey there lil' mama
Do you wanna come kick your heels
In the back of my Range Rove?
Wanna do what'chu did before?
Don't trip, cause "You Already Know"
C-O-M-E-B-E-W-I-X-T, that me, Belo
Just do it "Nice And Slow"
You gotta raise the door
And I don't pay for show
'Cause I don't pay fo-sho
You can grab yo' kicks and go
Put on yo (shh), let's roll
Recognize the G, true ballin'
Do or die, pimp or die, not fallin'
When we all in, yo club
Chillin' with the chiefs and the dubs
And I got love for the jiggaboos
Pop Chrys' with the niggas, and the bitches too
Dig a bitch out the Grove, like I just do
People say I'm like a statue
Spit the B in yo ear
Take you off to the real, and I match you
Sex appeal

Do Or Die - Sex AppealDo Or Die - Sex AppealDo Or Die - Sex AppealDo Or Die - Sex Appeal