Kamikaze platoon - brainpain alert e.p. - 5 ways your platoon would be different if ‘The Punisher.

Mr. Grimm and Benny saw their comrades fall ten at a time... they knew that their time would come too. They swore to always watch each others back...

During World War II , newspaper reports of the deeds of "the commandos" led to readers thinking that the singular meant one man rather than one military unit, and this new usage became established.

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— Staff Sgt. Salvador J. Lara "is being recognized for his valorous actions in Aprilia, Italy, May 27-28, 1944. During the fight, May 27, he aggressively led his rifle squad in neutralizing multiple enemy strong points and inflicting large numbers of casualties on the enemy. The next morning, as his company resumed the attack, Lara sustained a severe leg wound, but did not stop to receive first aid. Lara continued his exemplary performance until he captured his objective." He is deceased.

Bravery and ingenuity were paramount personality traits, since recruits would be operating in enemy territory against a more powerful force. Other important attributes were high intelligence, discipline and the organizational skills to operate independently in combat. But a kamikaze mindset was not prized. Highly trained sappers were too valuable to be thrown away on suicide missions. They were taught to complete their missions and return alive.

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Kamikaze Platoon - Brainpain Alert E.P.Kamikaze Platoon - Brainpain Alert E.P.Kamikaze Platoon - Brainpain Alert E.P.Kamikaze Platoon - Brainpain Alert E.P.